Ask an average consumer what conveyor belts are used for, and they’ll probably tell you that they move luggage at the airport. Ask a miner, farmer, or warehouse worker the same question and you’ll likely get three different responses.

Conveyors play a critical role in the mining industry. Long conveyor belts reach deep into the mines and work continuously to move ore from the extraction point up to the ground’s surface. This increases the mine’s efficiency while reducing the need for manual labor, which can be dangerous.

Farmers use conveyors to move equipment, livestock feed and crops.

When used in these outdoor settings, conveyors must be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions in addition to being strong.

Indoors, automated warehouses, like Amazon’s, rely on several miles of conveyors to move products throughout their fulfilment centers. These conveyors must be strong enough to handle heavy packages, yet flexible enough to navigate sharp corners. When used in food and medical facilities, they must also be easy to clean and sterilize.

It’s this highly engineered, precision wire that gives conveyor belts these attributes. Not only can it meet the requirements of the application but is also designed to withstand specific environmental demands as well.

Conveyor belts are seamlessly joined together with hinges, which are formed from wire. The seaming process is essential because a conveyor belt is limited in length without it. It helps conveyor belts easily navigate corners on production lines, enabling efficient transport across complex routes, like the ones used in Amazon’s warehouses. Its resistance to heat, cold, moisture and chemicals make it ideal for use in conveyors throughout all industries.

Radcliff Wire has supported conveyor manufacturers with wire for decades, and with the current acceleration of automation we see continuous growth in this sector.

Whether a conveyor belt is designed to move aerospace components, airport travelers and luggage, or crops and minerals, we can provide the specified wire for its manufacture.

We don’t just manufacture wire, either. We build lasting relationships with our clients in the conveyor belt industry, offering tailored solutions, proactive customer service, and a commitment to innovation that sets us apart from other wire suppliers. For reliable, high performance wire solutions that will optimize your conveyor belt systems, you can trust the experience and expertise of Radcliff Wire.

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