The electronic devices we use every day, from smart phones, tablets, and laptops to appliances, musical instruments, and televisions drive a constant demand for our wire, and we have a long history of providing it. Parts made from the wire that we provide for the Electronics and Electrical markets are produced from many different alloys. For example, our Round Copper wire is used in the winding of transformers, and our flat copper wire is used in the powering of track lighting.

In addition, flat music wire is used for laptop screen hinges and half round nickel silver wire for manufacturing guitar frets. Then there are the traditional electronic uses incorporating our precision, small flat copper-based wire for connectors used in microprocessor chips. Radcliff Wire is known for providing plated shaped wire when solder-ability is required to fuse electronic and electrical parts.

We know we can rely on Radcliff Wire, not just for quality products but for exceptional customer service.