We have no idea how many millions of feet of spooled, shaped wire we’ve produced since opening our doors more than 60 years ago, but we’re pretty sure it’s enough to wrap around the earth at least once.

We don’t always know where every foot of that wire ends up, either. Much of the wire we produce is sold to spring manufacturers or wire formers, so it can end up in a broad variety of applications that we never hear about. But we do know where some of it is used.

Some wire ends up in electric vehicles, and some of our shaped wire is used in small gas engines. The electronics industry uses our very thin copper wire, and aerospace companies use our high nickel alloy wire on the backside of the blind locking rivets on the wings of airplanes. It’s also used to make aircraft springs and fasteners, like the clips for fuel lines.

There are countless uses for the many different types of spooled shape wire (Stainless Steel, carbon steel, aluminum, beryllium copper, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, etc.) we produce, and there are just as many different types of spools and reels on which to pay it off from.

Radcliff Wire offers spools made of plastic, wood, fiber, tin and steel. Our Wire Reels & Large Wire Spools can hold up to 1,000 pounds. These are great for long-running jobs where continuous pay-off will maximize productivity.

Radcliff’s Small Wire Spools are available in various sizes for more specialized applications and pay-off equipment. These are ideal when hand loading is required.

Finally, our coils, Oscillated coils, with or without a cardboard core, are also available on our shaped wire, available in weights up to 500 pounds. All round wire requested on a coil is supplied on “catch weight” coils.

We provide our spools in special protection bags, plastic stretch wrap, absorbent packets, and/or sealed boxes as needed to completely protect the wire until it’s put into service. Our manufacturing process includes a packaging system that ensures the wire maintains its quality, precision, and cleanliness throughout shipping and storing.

Although we always enjoy knowing something about the end products where our shaped, spooled wire ultimately ends up, we’re more concerned with ensuring it has been spooled and stored in a way that preserves and protects it until our customers are ready to use it.

Not sure what size spool or reel you need? There’s a packaging guide on our website that can help. You can also download the guide as a .pdf document to keep as a handy reference. Better still, Contact Us, Radcliff Wire is here to help.