Wire is available in many different shapes these days, including square, crescent, trapezoidal, and even custom shapes. And although Radcliff Wire is a global provider of these uniquely shaped wires, we’ll never eschew the value of the affordable, yet versatile round-shaped wire.

Renowned for its exceptional flexibility and tensile strength, round wire’s circular cross-section makes it resistant to breaking under tension and allows it to bend without losing its original form.

Industry insiders know that manufacturing round wire is more cost effective to produce than other shapes, too. Due to its symmetry, it’s easier to pull through a die. Round wire is also easier to coil than other shapes, and it’s less likely to bend or kink.

Round Wire’s Universal Appeal

Many electrical circuits in homes and industrial settings are made from round wire. Its superior conduction properties make it ideal for electrical applications. Round wire’s continuous, uniform shape facilitates equal distribution of electrical currents, which reduces the risk of overheating.

In healthcare, round wire is used to manufacture a wide variety of medical devices and surgical tools.

Round wire is also widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Its broad range of strengths and diameters make it an ideal choice for producing springs that must withstand different pressures and loads.

Round wire plays a significant role in the telecommunications industry, too. Coaxial cables, which consist of an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer and shielded by an outer conductor, are made from round wire.

Aesthetically, round wire produces a clean, streamlined look that is preferred by jewelry makers and other artists. Its uniform circumference allows designers to bend, twist and coil it into intricate shapes, knowing that the finished product will be aesthetically pleasing from all sides. The lack of sharp edges makes round wire safer to work with, too.

We’re proud of our ability to provide wire in unique shapes that can’t be found elsewhere, but we’ll always recommend round wire if we believe it can satisfy your requirements.