Radcliff Wire is known for producing wire in countless shapes and sizes. Like any proud parent we love them all, but we must confess that we’re especially fond of our half-round shaped wire. Seriously, how can you resist something that’s shaped like a smile?

Half-round wire is more flexible and easier to bend than round wire, and it’s often used adjacent to pieces of square wire. The flat side of the half-round wire is placed against the square wires, and the rounded side remains exposed in the finished design. This process is called “banding.”


Split pins, aka “cotter pins” are often made with half-round wire. These pins are used to lock fasteners in place. They serve as locking mechanisms for the castellated nuts in automobile hubs and they help secure tires on snowblowers, go karts, industrial vehicles, and more.

In the medical industry, half-round wire is used as a mandrel in manufacturing of multi-lumen catheters. Half-round wire is also a favorite among jewelry makers and in the craft industry. Rings, earrings, and bracelets are made from it. It can also be found on the shiny brass buttons worn by our military.

There are many other applications for half-round wire, which explains why it’s manufactured from every alloy in a broad range of sizes.

We produce our half-round shaped wire in all alloys in sizes from .010” x .020” to .080” x .160”. Edge radii dimensions are fabricated to customers’ specifications.

If you’re in the market for half-round wire, Contact Us. If the wire’s happy shape doesn’t make you smile, our exceptional customer service will!