Since the nineteenth century, manufacturers have traditionally used round wire to fabricate springs. For generations it was a good choice because it was durable, flexible, and readily available.

Today, spring manufacturers are increasingly choosing flat wire instead. Here are three reasons why:

1. Flat wire springs are more compact than round springs. They offer the same (or better) performance in a smaller package, which helps reduce the overall size and weight of the product in which they’re installed. This is especially important for springs used in the automotive and aerospace industries, where weight directly impacts performance and fuel efficiency.

2. Flat wire springs offer a greater surface contact area than their round counterparts. This results in better load distribution and superior resistance to stress fractures. As a result, springs made from flat wire are typically more durable, and they have a longer lifespan.

3. Flat wire springs are more resistant to twisting and are more stable than round wire springs. The added stability of these components can significantly improve the performance and reliability of the end items in which they are used.

4. In addition to constant force and clock springs which require flat wire, this shape offers the flexibility to produce other types of springs as well.

Radcliff Wire was founded over 60 years ago specifically to provide wire to local spring manufacturers. It’s one reason why we’re located in the heart of the East Coast spring industry in Bristol, CT.

Although we began locally, we quickly expanded beyond Connecticut, and today we’re recognized as a leading wire supplier to spring manufacturers around the world. Our long history in the spring industry means we can offer more than just timely delivery of high-quality wire. We can also provide engineering expertise and innovative solutions to spring manufacturers’ most challenging problems.

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