We’ve been working with a company for many years that produces office products like Post-it notes and Scotch tape. In fact, this multinational conglomerate offers a broad range of widely recognized products that serve a multitude of industries.

For the industrial sector, they offer adhesives, abrasives, and personal safety equipment, including respirators and protective eyewear.

This company has also made substantial contributions to the healthcare industry with products like medical tapes, wound care solutions, infection prevention supplies, and even disposable diapers.

Yes, diapers.

The company introduced the moisture-proof backing, known as polyethylene film, used in most diapers today. Their research also led to the development of a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) that can absorb and retain large amounts of liquid relative to its own mass. This is what makes diapers so absorbent. Soak a diaper in a pool and you’ll see just how absorbent SAP is!

So, why does Radcliff Wire care about another company’s connection to the diaper industry? Well, it was this affiliation that led that company to ask us for help many years ago.

At the time, the company needed – but couldn’t find – a super thin wire with tight dimensional tolerances that could be used to melt plastic to make the “hook” side of Velcro for disposable diapers. They came to us because we had a reputation for helping manufacturers get what they need when no other supplier can (or will).

Our engineers worked with them to design and develop the precise wire they needed, and those Velcro fasteners subsequently transformed the disposable diaper industry. Today, the Velcro fasteners in diapers have been replaced by Nonwoven Fastening Tape.

Like Velcro, the tape can be unfastened to check the baby’s diaper and refastened afterward. However, the fastening tape is thinner, more flexible, and much more environmentally friendly than Velcro. Not surprisingly, this innovative solution was introduced by the same company that pioneered the use of Velcro fasteners for this application.

Recently, the company asked us again for help with a special project, but this time the product is for the transportation industry. We’re excited by this assignment because it brings us back to our company’s roots: helping companies design, develop, and procure wire they can’t find anywhere else.

Our history with this company spans decades. It’s partially because they know when they work with a company that understands wire as well as Radcliff, they have a partner that can provide new, innovative types of wire that don’t currently exist.

If you can’t make the same claim about your wire supplier, maybe it’s time to contact us.