Wire Firm is Unique Operation

March-31-1987-Bristol-PressOriginally Published – Tuesday, March 31, 1987 – Bristol Press

Radcliff Wire, Incorporated is the subject… and the subject is unique. It is as unique in its purpose, its products, and its operation, as it is in its vernacular.

A simplification of the operation of Radcliff Wire will begin to frame an understanding of the useful products it manufactures, some of which are novel and unusual. This company buys wire – regular round wire – puts it through various equipment and apparatus and changes the profile from round to other geometric shapes. And it does this within the confines of high-reliability standards of accuracy of dimension and accuracy of metallurgical tolerances.

But the operation itself is not all that makes Radcliff unique. There is the language of the business to cope with, too.

A turk’s head, for example, is a profiling die… ribbon is not ribbon but, rather, narrow strip metal. While a coil is ac oil, a spool becomes a reel as its size increases… and, therefore, logically a reel becomes a spool as its size diminishes.

Roll is definitely a hard roll, but not the sandwich variety. A roll is one of the tools that produces profiles by the miles.

Donald F. Radcliff is the driving force behind the company that bears his name. In a sense, he prepared himself precisely for his present responsibility without originally realizing it. His background of education and experience has always been a blend of business and industrial occupation taking him, after high school graduation, through Morse Business College, Boston University, various CPA assignments, industrial purchasing, quality control, sales engineering and production control.

In his own business there is hardly a machine or special facility that he hasn’t helped to design and build with his own ingenuity. And there is much that he has accomplished entirely alone.

Now, let’s look at why there is today, a Radcliff Wire Company.

In his last position as an employee, Radcliff became aware of the need – the growing need – for profiled wire and the limited sources for supplying it.  Early in 1959 he left his employer to become its supplier of much needed and profiled wire. The first couple of years brought sales stability to the company which, with financial success and a growing payroll, necessitated a move to larger quarters.

The Radcliff Wire shingle then hung from 165 Riverside St., once the site of Bristol Technical High School.

Things… all things… continued to grow and prosper with success and the company again had to provide expanded facilities. Plans for a modern fire-proof, one-floor, 15-thousand square foot building were developed. A site was purchased in Bristol’s Delwood Industrial Park: the new home for Radcliff Wire was built on Ronzo Road and occupied in full production by mid-1965.

Employment and production facilities continue to increase. But the present location offers unlimited expansion possibilities. Radcliff Wire has its permanent roots set deep.

The production of Radcliff Wire, Incorporated is all around you… unique, ingenious, precise. It’s another highight in the community of Connecticut industry which contributes vitally to the life blood of our national industrial might. Radcliff in action means that tomorrow will be in better shape… or certainly in better profile.