Senior Aerospace Recognizes Radcliff Wire

For the 8th consecutive year Radcliff Wire, Inc. has been awarded Senior Aerospace’s:

2016 Senior awards presentationAcknowledgement for Exceptional Performance in Achieving Gold Status
and the
Continued Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

as well as their:

 Acknowledgement for Outstanding Performance
and the
Commitment to Both the Quality and Delivery of
Supplied Products and Services.

Over the years, Senior Aerospace has presented its awards to Radcliff management at an invited luncheon, however this year they wanted to bring the luncheon to our plant to thank all of our employees for their participation in the achievement.

We are proud of Senior Aerospace’s acknowledgement, which confirms that we are living up to our Quality Policy, and proud of our dedicated employees who work hard to meet and exceed customer expectations.

This picture was taken on our production floor of Charlie Radcliff receiving the award with all our employees gathered in appreciation.