Radcliff Wire Featured in Wire Journal International

Originally published May, 2016 in the Wire Journal International.

Radcliff Wire recently attended this year’s Wire Association International Operations Summit Wire Expo 2016. The Association’s Editor-in-Chief, Mark Marselli interviewed Scott Kirkpatrick about their participation in the show. Here are excerpts from the article.


WJI: It’s been a long time: why will you again exhibit at Wire EXPO?

Kirkpatrick: We are exhibiting at Wire Expo for the first time in many years because of our extended capabilities and the location of the show. Connecticut is the industrial center where many of our customers and prospects are located. We service the area’s spring manufacturers, its firearm producers, its medical device companies, and its electronics industries.


WJI: What type(s) of innovation do you plan to present at the event?

Kirkpatrick: We have added capabilities, including innovative techniques in rolling and drawing wire. Examples of our new products include a special “gear wire,” a square wire with teeth that can integrate with a gear, used in a medical application. Another example is a close tolerance special shaped wire used as a locking tab around every rivet that connects the skin of an aircraft to its frame. We produce a special wire that is used as a mandrel in making medical tubing.


WJI: Why should attendees want to stop by your booth?

Kirkpatrick: We have a new booth that will give most attendees a better look at what we produce. We can show them wire sections under a digital microscope that may help designers engineer better products. Attendees will be able to see, touch and feel actual wire shapes up close.