Mandrel Wire Capabilities

    Radcliff Wire has expanded its capabilities to include the production of High Quality precision Mandrel Wire used in the production of medical tubing.

    After several years of researching and experimenting with mandrel production we have successfully created a manufacturing process that includes a specialized wire drawing procedure, a custom wire cleaning process, and a packaging system that helps in both the shipping and storing of the wire.

    We are now producing Mandrel Wire in various materials to include Bare Copper Wire, Silver plated Copper Wire, Copper plated Aluminum Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, and several other special requested materials. We have also produced these materials in many different tempers as specified by our customers.

    Radcliff Wire draws Mandrel Wire in many different sizes; the current range is from 0.009’ to 0.162’ diameter. Depending on our customer’s specifications we will use different drawing compounds to produce to their requirements. We spool this wire on various size spools and reels. We can package spools in special protection bags, plastic stretch wrap, absorbent packets, and sealed boxes depending on the need to protect the wire from the elements during shipping and warehousing.

    Radcliff Wire has the reputation for producing high quality special shaped wire. Recently there has been an interest in producing Mandrel Wire in different shapes. Requests for different shapes have included half-round, square, rectangle, and oval. The idea for creating multi lumen medical tubing has been considered by several producers.

    We are known for our ability to produce continuous high quality close tolerance Mandrel Wire and we are dedicated to researching the best way to be effective. Known for our outstanding service, ability to deliver product in a timely manner, and very competitive pricing, Radcliff Wire is committed to satisfying all of our customer’s needs.

    Radcliff Wire, Inc. is an ISO certified company that supplies many different markets that include; Medical, Aerospace, Electrical, Automotive, and Industrial. Since the 1950s we have been producing award winning high quality precision shaped wire.

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