Company President Had Only Planned To Stay One Day

Originally Published – Thursday, January 19, 1984 – Bristol Press

“I never expected to be involved in the wire business, I just came to fill in one day about eight years ago.”

Jeanne Radcliff not only got involved, she stayed to become president of the specialty wire firm located at 97 Ronzo Road in Bristol. The daughter of Donald Radcliff, founder of the firm, Ms. Radcliff runs the day-to-day operation of the manufacturing special wire products.

This year the firm celebrates its 25th anniversary. Donald Radcliff, although still chairman of the board, took some well-deserved time away from the routine of specialty wire production.

“He gets called in for major decisions,” Ms. Radcliff said. The rest of the time, the operation has passed into the capable hands of his daughter.

Radcliff Wire Inc. makes a unique contribution to industry here. “All of our products are specialty items,” Ms. Radcliff says. Customers’ orders bear postmarks from states across the nation, Europe and the Orient.

Bristol was the ideal location for Radcliff when he came here in 1959 because of the city’s large spring industry. The firm, once located here, could be on regular routes for shipment of metals needed for the production of specialty wire, metals like bronze, aluminum and stainless steel wire.

Radcliff, a certified public accountant and an inventor, had been a purchasing agent in the spring market when he began developing, producing and marketing special types of wire that could not be found elsewhere.

His inventiveness has paid off well. Today, while other wire marketers are in a losing battle to compete with Japanese imports, Radcliff Wire’s markets remain untouched.

The products manufactured for world consumption on Ronzo Road continue to be in demand. “They can’t be bought anywhere else,” explains the company’s president, who adds she thinks she’ll stay.