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High Carbon Spring Steel Wire

    At Radcliff wire we offer a large selection of high carbon steel wire to choose from. Different grades of high carbon spring steel wire include: HDMB wire, OTMB wire, Music wire, Chrome Silicon wire, and Chrome Vanadium wire as well as annealed carbon steel wire in a number of carbon ranges such as C1010, C1065, C1075 and C1095. All of the above perform slightly differently with different load tolerances, corrosion resistance, hardness, and resistance to corrosion following welding or stress relieving.

    Provided below are charts displaying the various properties and specifications of the grades and types of steel wire we sell. These charts should be of assistance in helping you decide which type of steel wire is best for your application.

    The Radcliff Wire staff is available to discuss your steel wire specifications and needs to help you choose a type of wire best suited for your application to give you the highest performance, reliability and long life in your product.

Nominal Chemical Compositions (%)
Alloy C Mn P S Si Cr Other
C1010 .08-.13 .30-.60 0.040 0.050      
C1050 .48-.55 .60-.90 0.040 0.050      
C1075 .70-.80 .40-.70 0.040 0.050      
C1095 .90-1.03 .30-.50 0.040 0.050      
HDMB .45-.85 .30-1.30 0.040 0.050 .15-.35    
OTMB .55-.85 .30-1.20 0.040 0.050 .15-.35    
MUSIC WIRE .70-1.00 .20-.60 0.025 0.030 .10-.30    
CHROME SILICON .51-.59 .60-.80 0.035 0.040 1.20-1.60 .60-.80  
CHROME VANADIUM .48-.53 .70-.90 0.040 0.040 .15-.35 .80-1.10 V  .15
Alloy Characteristics Typical Specification
C1010 Basic Steel, good formability, not heat treatable     ASTM  A-805
C1050 Good formability in the annealed condition, heat treatable to higher hardness,  
C1075 higher carbon content contributes to higher hardness   ASTM  A-805
HDMB Spring wire, suitable for parts subjected to high stress and /or infrequent stress ASTM  A-227
OTMB Spring wire, similar to HDMB, better suited for some applications because of the ASTM  A-229
  tighter control of the tensile strength and better straightness of OTMB    
MUSIC WIRE Spring wire, good for parts subjected to high stresses and requiring good ASTM  A-228
  thermal properties            
CHROME SILICON Spring wire, high endurance properties at elevated temperatures   ASTM  A-401
CHROME VANADIUM Spring wire, high fatigue properties at elevated temperatures   ASTM  A-231